Wednesday, June 14, 2006


Favorite destination. It is a Metropolis, clean -you can not imagine how
clean- , unbelievable architecture, art exhibitions for any taste beyond of any imagination, alive areas after midnight, discreet people – you may name it alienation - , well dressed in jeans or suit, with a very carefully designed transportation system. Well, yes Tokyo is expensive and in a few cases unapproachable for lower - middle budget people, but what is cheap today ?

…I hope you will enjoy the pictures below!

Special areas in the middle of the street for smoking. You can not smoke outside or let’s say outside you smoke only in certain areas where the city provides you with ashtrays. Inside almost everywhere (restaurants , hotels, bars). The crowd is everywhere. What did I tell you about discreet people ? Men are visiting the news stands - kiosks and they read porno magazines, it is rude to see what the guy next to you reads so no problem. DO NOT FORGET don't give money in the hands you need to place the amount in a tray. You will be able to find everything in Tokyo even Greek traditional products. Do not leave from there without a visit in one of the hundreds gardens & the incredible museums.

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Nemertes said...

Άλλος πολιτισμός, άλλη κουλτούρα. Από τους πιο αξιοσέβαστους πάντως. Είναι και κορυφή στα ηλεκτρονικά!